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Reinvent Yourself 30 Day Challenge
For Women Over 50
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Monday December 4th

Event starts at 7:30pm
Reinvent Yourself Challenge
Unlock Your Limitless Potential
 It's YOUR Time To Shine 
Become The Best Version Of You!
Welcome to the "Reinvent Yourself Challenge Masterclass" for Women Over 50!

Are you a remarkable woman who has dedicated the past two decades to nurturing your family and raising children? Now, it's YOUR time to shine! Our masterclass is designed exclusively for women like you, poised to embark on an exhilarating new chapter of life.

About the Masterclass:

Embark on a transformative journey tailored to women over 50, who are ready to redefine themselves and embrace the vibrant possibilities ahead. This unique program is crafted to empower you with the tools, knowledge, and inspiration needed to reinvent yourself, rediscover your passions, and thrive in this exciting phase of life.

What to Expect:

Rediscover Your Radiance: Learn practical tips and expert advice on self-care, style, and wellness to help you look and feel your absolute best, inside and out.
Embrace Adventure: Unleash your adventurous spirit! Explore activities and experiences that will invigorate your senses and fill your life with joy and excitement.
Ignite Your Purpose: Discover meaningful ways to contribute through work or volunteer opportunities, creating a sense of purpose that fulfils your heart and soul.
Connect and Thrive: Forge lasting connections with like-minded women who are also on this incredible journey of self-discovery and transformation.
Why Choose Us:

Our masterclass is curated by our very own founder, Tania who understands the unique needs and aspirations of women over 50. With a supportive community and expert guidance, you'll be equipped to step confidently into this new phase of life, radiating confidence, vitality, and purpose.

Join Us Today:

Don't miss this chance to reinvent yourself and embark on a journey filled with beauty, adventure, and purpose. Reserve your spot now and let's embark on this incredible journey together!

Note: Limited spots available and for a LIMITED TIME ONLY.
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Tania is the founder of Mindstate Coaching and the creator of multiple products and personal development courses that are changing people's lives. 

She is passionate about entrepreneurship and personal development and has been in business for over 35 years, starting The Mindstate Coaching company at 50 

Tania is an elite mindset coach who is elevating lives through strategic empowerment.
Her approach to coaching is fresh, progressive and results-driven so that each student walks away with the right tools to create an incredible impact in their lives and those around them.
At the heart of her passion is the intense drive to help and serve others to become the best version of themselves.

Here’s a little about me…

  • Entrepreneur
  • Founder of Mindstate Coaching
  • ​Creator of the Mindstate Method 30 days To Rapid Transformation Program
  • ​Creator of Mastering The Paradigm Program
  • ​Diploma in Business Management
  • ​35 years business experience
  • NLP Pratitioner
  • ​Neuro Semantics Coach
  • ​Self made success and money
  • ​Sole parent to 2 boys
  • ​Progressive thinker
  • ​55 years old
Ladies! It's time to celebrate your achievements and embrace the exciting opportunities that lie ahead! Our "Reinvent Yourself Challenge Masterclass" is meticulously designed just for you. This program is crafted to empower you with the tools, knowledge, and inspiration needed to embark on this new and exhilarating chapter of life.

This masterclass is a transformative journey curated for women over 50, ready to redefine themselves and embrace the vibrant possibilities that await. Discover how to prioritise self-care, redefine your style, revitalise your wellness and open your mind to all the opportunities that await you now. 

It's time to unleash your adventurous spirit and who knows, maybe even your Entrepreneurial spirit! Explore new activities and experiences that will ignite a sense of wonder and excitement. Whether it's a new hobby, travel adventure, or a creative pursuit, we'll help you find the exhilaration that comes from trying something new and discovering hidden talents you never knew you had.

Are you ready to grow?

Embrace Your Next Chapter with Confidence!
It's never too late to rewrite your story. Join us in the Reinvent Yourself Challenge and step into a future filled with vitality, purpose, and limitless possibilities.

Rediscover Your Spark, Unleash Your Potential!"
You've spent years nurturing others, now it's time to nurture yourself. Let's embark on this transformative journey together, and watch as you bloom into the powerful, radiant woman you were always meant to be.

Dive into Adventure, Ignite Your Passion!"
Life is an adventure waiting to be embraced. Join our masterclass and unlock a world of new experiences, friendships, and opportunities that will reignite your spirit and leave you feeling more alive than ever.

Yes, I'm Ready To Transform My life Into One I LOVE!

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Monday December 4th

Events starts @7:30pm AEDT Time

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